Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today's theme: Let's quit

Both Marvita and Kathy gave on their reality shows. Marvita is out of the running to be "Americas Next Top Model," and Kathy went nuts on "Survivor." Photos from CWTV and

On "ANTM" drama was the house guest that didn't want to leave as Fatima, Whitney and Dominique all got into it about racism and who's more PC.

This week the girls had to learn different poses. For some reason, fashion seems to think this is posing. I on the other hand, do not.

It all came down to close up photos with the girls having ink on their faces. The bottom two: Whitney and Marvita and you knew it was Marvita who was out. The judges felt that she had given up.

Over on "Survivor" on its special night and time, Ozzy showed that he was king and Erik was his loyal subject. Meanwhile, he was ticking off the female members of the tribe.

For some reason, this seemed to be puzzle night because both the reward and immunity challenges ended up with who can solve the puzzle the fastest.

Over on Kathy's tribe, it wound up that SHE! HAD! HAD! ENOUGH! and it was time for her to leave. I mean she went batsh*t crazy y'all. It was bad.

Ozzy's tribe went to Tribal Council again and of course it was Tracy who was on her way out.

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