Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"24" 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

Is Renee dead this quickly????! Photo by Fox.com

First, because of DVR issues and human error I couldn't blog the previous two hours of the show so I apologize. Since the show is moving forward so am I. The gist of the last two hours: Tony's undercover working with Bill and Chloe (yay!) to track down someone in the new administration that's a spy. The first husband finds proof the that the first son was killed given to him by the girlfriend. NotMichelle tortured a suspect to get info and NotChloe aided and abetted it.

In this hour, Tony, Jack and some other sketchy characters gather to force the prime minister out of a safe room that he and his wife fled to when Tony and crew attack. Their lone security guy appears to be getting ready to be killed but then he gets a call from the FBI and they know the FBI is en route.

At first, hope appears to be lost but Jack figures out a way to force them out: ammonia! He concocts a solution to force them out.

Meanwhile Renee aka NotMichelle is having a battle with Larry aka NotBill. He orders her to come back in and she wants to make thing right by capturing Jack and crew.

Meanwhile the first husband is hot on the trail of information about the death of his son and he's confiding his thoughts to special secret service guy.

Back at gas central, the prime minister is ready to die but his wife (the always excellent Tonya Pinkins decides otherwise and she wants some fresh air quickly! She opens the safety door and Jack and crew seize them.

NotMichelle is outside and is quickly captured. The leaders of the plot to stop America from invading Sangala decide that she's unimportant and orders her to be killed.

Along the way, NotMichelle hurls insults at Jack and he takes them. When they arrive at the construction yard, Jack shoots her in the neck (it looks like they have a plan to keep her alive) and then they are ordered to bury her. Jack covers her with plastic and then she gets the silent clock treatment, or does she. If you listen carefully, you can still hear her breathing....


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Jumpthesnark said...

The writing for this show, once again, is actually making me stupider the more I watch. It seems that they gin up fake conflict at every turn, just to ratchet up the tension. The thing with the Attorney General's henchman and the FBI bureau chief is ridiculous, for example.

And look at those dusty brown mountains around the abandoned construction site at the end of the episode. Remind you of anyplace? Southern California, perhaps? As opposed to the D.C. metro area?

Seriously, Fox. Don't penalize us for paying attention to your shows.