Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The best drama on this Tuesday is.....

The race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has been the most exciting thing on TV in weeks. Photo by Wikipedia

I normally try to keep this blog pretty light. But y'all KNOW I like high drama so tonight, my eyes were glued to CNN and MSNBC all night during the election coverage.

Have you all watched CNN lately? They have a whole studio devoted to election coverage and Jon King, who's I think covers the White House for the station, acts as No. 2 for Wolf Blitzer but Jon is stealing the show.

I dunno about the rest of you but Wolf has voice that reminds me of the most boring college professor ever. But Jon makes me pay attention because of his touch-screen maps and other interactive media available at his fingertips. It's pretty interesting when he comes on board.

At press time for this blog aka 9:54 p.m., CNN just predicted that Hillary Clinton won Texas Primary. If you get a second, check out this report on "60 Minutes" because they did a good job of portraying Clinton and you could see how bad she wants this.

I will admit, I did take a break from the political coverage to try to watch this show but it came across as boring as hell.

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Mrs. Wong said...

We have been glued to CNN's various primary coverages too -- and the kids don't seem to mind either. It IS full of drama and suspense!!! I will check out that 60 Mins. link you mentioned. There is something "desperate" about HC's campaign...