Sunday, December 16, 2007

And the gay Mormans shall inherit the Earth: Todd wins "Survivor"!

You'd be smiling too if you won $1 million for lying and backstabbing. Survivor: China." GAWD help us.
And now it's over. Poor Amanda, a dumb decision left you holding the bag. You should have taken Denise and that would have made YOU the strongest player. All she did was sit there and look pitiful and unfortunately it didn't help you win.

I'm shocked, shocked, shocked that Todd won. I've discussed it over and over and Todd was never picked as my winner. Shows what I know. And my pick Amanda: Got one vote and that was from the virgin what's his name.

And his final appeal I think is what won him the needed votes. Courtney did surprisingly well because she got more votes than Amanda did including one from Denise who she said "sucks at life."

Speaking of sad, how sad was Denise's appeal to Amanda at the campfire saying this is all she had and that she would have to go back to making $7 as a lunch lady. I also felt awful for her because she said this ON NATIONAL TV where I'm almost certain her employers were watching. But of course it doesn't matter because she got canned! Oh, poor Denise... at least you won't be traumatizing kids with that mullet of yours. It's sad too that she's now a janitor. Sad, sad, sad.

And before I sign off: here's a shout-out to my homegirl who might have won.

Episode grade: B

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