Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Scared straight (well not literally)..

Tonight I watched the season premiere of "The Biggest Loser" from my couch and felt so guilty. These people are seriously kicking butt! I felt so bad for them but I knew that they were taking steps towards improving their lives.

I think the thing that got me was the table they showed with all the food these people consumed. I guess, no I know I'm guilty of mindless eating. It's easy you grab food, eat on the couch and then start eating.

Then this year, they added a twist of adding another team with Jillian aka Scary Demon. It's going to be an interesting season and I know for me, I'm going to try to work out more so that I can lose along with these people.

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Mrs. Wong said...

Hooray for you on making the decision. I am guilty too. Once the boys have fallen asleep I make myself some tea and watch a little TV, but then I feel the need for something to go with my tea; cookie...chips..bad! Maybe I should stop watching TV. Yikes!