Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fall TV viewing starts early!

So my friend Jump The Snark tells me that his TiVo (GAWD, I love TiVo) has some of the NBC Fall Preview shows.

So for grins, I wanted to see if my old DVR would have the same and it did!!! (YAY!)

We saw the original pilot at Comic-Con and I wanted to see how this would differ. They recast the actress who originally played the sister. But for the most part, the pilot pretty much stays in tact.

If you've seen the commerical, you've pretty much seen the first episode. The special effects are better than what we saw at Comic-Con. It still has some flaws (no spoilers just in case you wanted to watch for yourself) but I think I'm adding it to my Wednesday night routine.

I have to say, I loved the nod to "Superman" when Jamie escapes to go back to her old life. And everyone please STOP using this song to convey emotion? Because every since we heard the song on this show, it's been freaking EVERYWHERE!

The "Bionic Woman" goes online Sept. 26th.


The next show I watched was "Chuck." I couldn't get into the Comic-Con panel but I really, really liked this show. The premise: Chuck works at a Best Buy ripoff (I wonder if they are suing?) and he gets an e-mail from an old classmate which contains all of the government's secrets. It sounds pretty dumb but it's executed pretty smartly. This makes it tough for me because now I have to choose on Monday nights: Prison Break or Chuck?


Jumpthesnark said...

Yay! Glad you got them too. This is definitely something new -- I don't remember the networks doing this last year.

Haven't seen the "Chuck" pilot yet, just "Bionic Woman" and "Journeyman." Both are okay, neither are "Heroes" so they'd better get an audience quickly.

Are you watching "Torchwood" on BBC America yet?

Mrs. Wong said...
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Mrs. Wong said...

I'm first post had a type-o.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to Chuck too! The actor looks familiar and finally I got on the Internet to find out why. Zachary Levi! He was "Kip" the suck-up-to-his-boss-never-did-anything-right assistant to a news achor on ABC's "Less than Perfect" a few seasons ago. He was funny then, I think he'll be funny as Chuck.

Hello Jumpthesnark, remember me? Your blog is funny too!!