Thursday, July 05, 2007

Do you like to watch?

I do.
This summer, "Big Brother 8" has gotten my attention in a big way.

This year they've added people's enemies to the house guest roster. I'm keeping my eyes on Dustin and Joe.

Why? Because they're ex boyfriends and two bitchy queens. Joe blurted out that Dustin gave him the clap (I'm so not kidding).

The other set of enemies are Daniele and her dad Evil Dick and high school rivals Jessica and Carol.

Also, we learned that America has their own player: href="">Eric.

We'll see how interesting it gets.

Hey Paula!

You know a show is BAD when a Web site that likes to recap stops after the FIRST night.
It's a really bad trainwreck this show. Like "Being Bobby Brown" bad! We learned that a sleepy Paula is a loopy Paula. We also learn that she's not so nice to her assistants either.

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