Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Paris Hilton interview

Tonight on CNN! Paris! Paris! And more Paris!!

Larry King "interviewed" Paris tonight and it was one of the worst interviews ever. Did we learn anything new? NO!

Paris looked uncomfortable at times and Larry tried to nail her to the cross but she ducked and weaved and kept givings answers such as

"I've matured." "I'm on a journey" and of course my favorite "I did my time."
I'm a wimp and I freely admit it but I think I could hang three weeks in the pokey especially if I weren't threatened by some big man named Bubba.
What was odd was there were no phone in calls. And only one outside question by a "fan" of hers.

And if this wasn't enough, "Anderson Cooper 360" continued with the coverage. Anderson brought up good points about her sex tape and the other tape with her using the "N-word."

You could just tell that Anderson was just itching to have done the interview. He points out that while Paris said she read the Bible every day yet couldn't produce her favorite when asked.

I'm betting that Oprah will do a better job.

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