Friday, June 01, 2007

Warning, lava lamps ahead

Flipping through the channels tonight, I settled on the most guiltiest of pleasures. VH-'s "40 Most Softsational Songs Ever"and I enjoyed every second of the two hours.

Although I disagree with what they chose as No. 1. (No, I'm not going to tell you what it was, you'll just have to watch." I will say though, it reignited my mancrush on Darryl Hall. And yes, I admit I have a BUNCH of their songs on my Ipod.

But why wasn't there MORE Lionel Richie and Kenny Rogers on this list? And where the heck is "Islands in the Stream?" Discuss. And of course this song should have been higher on the list. And this one should have been included. And let's not forget this one either.


Jumpthesnark said...

Holy crap -- Billy Ocean, a guilty pleasure indeed.

BTW I knew the Mike & The Mechanics song (who didn't?) but believe it or not I never knew the title!

Mrs. Wong said...

Ditto with jumpthesnark comment...we watched the countdown too; I loved it. Why only 40 songs? I'm sure there are tons more!

TheRemoteBelongsToMe said...

This is why I hate list shows. On the one hand, you enjoy them but then, you go and wonder why such and such wasn't included on the list. This list was whacked though.