Sunday, June 17, 2007

Counting down the Veronica's best

With news of "Veronica Mars' being gone officially now, I'm still NOT ready to move on.

Here are my Top 10 episodes of my favorite detective.

1) "Pilot": If you haven't watched this show, then this is the place to start. It had EVERYTHING but the kitchen sink: Murder, mayhem, intrigue and mystery. Plus the main character had her OWN baggage including a date rape and being hated by most of the school. One thing's for sure, this ain't "Nancy Drew." Plus, this begins one of the BEST friendships EVER! on a TV show.

2) "Normal Is the Watchword": After solving the "Who Killed Lilly Kane?" case, Veronica tries to be normal again, but a bus crash and a new murder mystery complicates things.

3)"Rat Saw God": The mystery of the bus crash haunts Veronica and the victims themselves seem to be reaching out to her.

4) Betty and Veronica: The school Mascot is missing and Wallace might have to miss a game in the school basketball championship. Plus, we solve the mystery of who's leaving Wallace Snickerdoodles in his locker!

5)"Like a Virgin": A purity test has all the school up in arms. This episode introduces us to the wonders of Cindy "Mac" Reynolds and furthers the "Who Killed Lilly Kane?" case.

6)"A Trip to the Dentist": Veronica solves the mystery of who raped her and trust me when I say, it ain't pretty. Plus we find out why Duncan mysteriously dumped Veronica.

7) "One Angry Veronica" : Veronica serves jury duty and is caught between the '09ers and the PCHers.

8) "Versatile Toppings": Veronica helps the gay students fend themselves off someone who's threating to out them. Despite some bad guest casting, it's one of the better episodes.

9) "Not Pictured" Veronica solves the mystery of who caused the bus crash!

10) "Spit and Eggs" Veronica solves the rape mystery.

OK, fans, I've listed mine: Now show me yours.

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