Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Project Runway" : All Stars

Poor Korto, close again but no cigar. Photo by

Tonight, the show I and many viewers thought they might never see again returned. "Project Runway" after almost a year long delay returned on a different night and a different station.

To whet our appetite, Lifetime showed us "All Stars" where the "best" of the past few seasons competed. We had Daniel, Mychael, Chris, Uli, Sweet P, Korto and Santino.

They had to create a mini collection and the looks ranged from the chic to the WTF?
Sadly , the WTF look is what Nina, Heidi and Michael wanted because Daniel won. =-( Korto, who was great came in second AGAIN and I wish someone would finally recognize her talent.

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Anthony said...

Korto will get her day in glory soon. I know it!