Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Could this be the "The Biggest Loser?"

Daniel is one of the youngest contestants ever on "The Biggest Loser." Photo by NBC.com

Another January, another "The Biggest Loser." This season is tugging at my heartstrings already. This cast is the biggest cast they've ever had.

Already, I have some clear favorites. David and Daniel are my favorite. They seem like such nice boys and they have a ton of weight to lose. Daniel is the biggest player they've ever had. Carla and Joelle are two sassy best friends who also need to lose a bunch. Carla is the biggest woman they've ever had.

Ron has tried every diet ever and even stomach surgery and still can't seem to lose the weight.

Jerry is my favorite because he's the oldest and I want him to do well.

And now comes the big twist they threw on. The sent 9 people home! If their partner is still on the ranch, then they get to come back too, if not, they're done.

It sucked big time and was sooo unfair.

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