Monday, June 09, 2008

The Falling Man

Normally, I'd put a photo here, but after viewing the documentary, "The Falling Man", I'll link to it and let you decide if it's something you want to see. Photo by Richard Drew The Associated Press

Tonight, I was flipping through the channels and found this documentary "The Falling Man," on Investigation Discovery. The documentary was a recounting of the events of and surrounding 9/11. Earlier in the evening, the station aired "The Secret History of 9/11."

For some reason, I was compelled to watch and it re-opened the wounds of that day. I remember that my mother called me to wake me up to tell me about the attacks and I stumbled to the TV just in time to see the second plane hit. I remember going to work and feeling numb for the next few days.

Sitting here tonight, I reconnected to those feelings and hearing the stories of people who jumped to their deaths was just heartbreaking. It also reminded me of a promise I made to myself that day: Never, ever waste your life because you don't know what's going to happen.

I'm puzzled why the station decided to air this in June instead of in September but either way, I'm glad they did.

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