Sunday, April 27, 2008

My TV loves me....

Renee (played by Gabrielle Union) is adding is adding even more sass to "Ugly Betty."

I can't do it. I've tried to stay away but with all of this TV goodness, I can't stop blogging. Spread the word: TheRemote is back!

Let's recap the week in review:
Yes. I admit "Gossip Girl" is still a guilty pleasure. All the drinking, booze, catfighting, high-fashion and snippness (the folks on my job have NOTHING on this crew) makes for an enjoyable evening of viewing. When last we left, Blair was unseated in the popular crowd when it was discovered that she lost her virginity to evil Chuck Bass in the back of a moving limo. And then slept with her boyfriend, Nate) (so not a misprint here) a day later and claimed he was her first.

Young Jenny looked on this as her chance to enter the elite society (even though she is p-o-o-r).

When we pick up, Blair is still an outcast and Serena (who was an outcast all due to Blair's conniving) is her only friend. Blair is tormented by the other girls and then decides to take revenge on Jenny and regain her place on the throne.

Jenny is scrambling to keep up with the lifestyles of the rich and famous and is pawning everything in site just to have money. She even resorts to stealing a Valentino dress . When it's discovered by the other girls (at Jenny's birthday party no less) Jenny is out.

Jenny, however, isn't ready to give up so she brings Nate to where the girls went to hang out with Blair and she regains her post. Blair once again, is auf'd.

"American Idol" is my crack. I can't get enough. Everytime I go to rehab for it, I keep hearing no, no, no.

This week was showtunes! by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It was a disaster. And a shocker because poor Carly was given the boot. She clearly was better than Brooke and Jason but I suspect the Grandma vote saved Brooke and the young girls saved Jason. This week: Neil Diamond! Oh joy!

"Law & Order: SVU"
Out of all the shows on TV this one is in my Top 10. I don't think I've ever missed an episode of this show because it just keeps getting better and better. This episode: The lover of a gay football player is found murdered.

Benson and Stabler have a rough go with this case because of secrets. Benson accidentally outs the football player and it causes them to be investigated by internal affairs. We then learn that she's had a secret boyfriend for MONTHS and Stabler, while cordial seems a little peeved that she didn't tell him.

The secret of this show: the chemistry between the two leads. Sometimes, they're like brother and sister, sometimes they seem to have a sexual chemisty. One of the most intense scenes ever had Lou Diamond Phillips in it a few seasons ago and you have to track down that episode.

"Survivor" is having one of its best seasons ever. This season, the fans vs. favorites have more twists and turns than a maze. This week, another blindside. The victim: Poor clueless Jason. After surviving a vote off last week, Jason had the opportunity to save himself once he found an immunity idol at Exile Island but instead he let Natalie bamboozle him into not playing it.

If you listen carefully, you can hear America's screams of "idiot" as he got voted off.

"Ugly Betty" came back and it was terrific. This episode celebrated Betty's 24th birthday which turned out to be the worst birthday EVER!

Soo, soo bad. Henry's babymama came back into town and foiled Betty's plan to spend with Henry.

Daniel was trying to find out Renee's secrets and Willy and Marc were busy trying to keep their secret a secret. At Casa de Suarez, Papa Suarez was feeling neglected since Betty wanted to spend time with Henry.

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