Thursday, March 06, 2008


Poor Danny Boy. You were fun while you were around. photo

I'm not even home yet and I've been e-mailed three or four times from my East Coast Posse spoiling the results show of "American Idol."

The rest I won't even recap, but I was shocked that Danny Noriega was given the boot. The boy had sass, class and even purple highlights.

I was going to go down the gay conspiracy path but then I remember that David Hernandez is still in.

This was one of the best weeks of "Idol" ever as news broke out that DH was a stripper who danced nude for a "mostly male clientele." and that Danny had a few foul-mouthed MySpace videos.

Well since I've been spoiled, I just saved myself an hour of TV viewing. Now I can get around to "Project Runway


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Jumpthesnark said...

It's good to have an East Coast Posse.