Sunday, February 03, 2008

Yes, I watched the Super Bowl

Alicia Keys and her singing was the highlight of my Super Bowl afternoon the outfit, however, notsomuch. Photo by

It's 6:26 p.m. and I've been watching the Super Bowl for the past few hours. I don't care about the game but I wanted to watch for the commericials. And I have to say the only commercial that I actually liked was the one featuring the Budweiser Clydesdale horse training a la Rocky. The rest kinda sucked. I was disappointed with the "Iron Man" commercial too because it didn't show me anything new.

Maybe because it was a dreary, rainy afternoon here in San Diego but I was kinda meh on the whole thing. You'd think I'd be all over men in tight uniforms running and sweating but it did next to nothing for me.

I'm looking up and it's now 6:34 p.m. and lordy, it looks like something is finally happening! The score is 10 to 7 with the New York Giants leading the New England Patriots. I'm rooting for the Patriots because I want Junior Seau to FINALLY get the danged Super Bowl ring so he can sit his behind down. He's old like me and 39 year old men should not be running up and down this football field like they're 24.

Oh, and my other favorite part was the "celebrities" they showed in the crowd: Pam Anderson, Jordin Sparks, Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy and of course Peyton Manning who was watching his lil' bro on the field.

MY GAWD! The Patriots just scored! The score is now 14 to 10. Thank you GAWD. He'll finally get that ring!

And then two of the worst commericals ever just aired. One for AMP from Mountain Dew (Can this group please stop hawking this song) and the other from American Idol which showed NFL players trying to sing.

Wow, when I started this I hadn't planned on live blogging this but oh, well, I'm flexible.

We now have 1 min, 20 sec left. and it's about 6:50 which means this will take about 10 min to do. Eli Manning almost threw an interception which isn't good for the Giants fans We have 59 seconds left and the Giants are in good position on the field.

After 3 hours, NOW the game gets interesting???!!! They now have a first down and we have 40 seconds left. Wow, this really, really is going to go to the bitter end.

The Giants just scored!!!!!!!! and we have 35 seconds left and the crowd is going wild. My poor heart is breaking, just breaking for Junior Seau right now. Score is now 17-14 Giants!!! But we have 35 seconds left and a lot can happen.

The Patriots have the ball and we have 29 seconds left. This might be the longest 29 seconds ever. The Patriots coach Bill Bellachick looks like he's ready to blow a gasket right now. Tom Brady gets SACKED and we're now down to 19 seconds left.

They just showed Junior and he's looking kinda sad. Brady does a great throw but the Giants guys can smell the win and they are playing for their lives. We're down to 10 seconds now. We really now are down the last play of the game, it's do or die here. Do you believe in miracles? I don't. And it looks like I'm right. And the game is now over!!!!!! Giants win!!!!!! But wait, we have 1 second left and they are trying to get everyone off the field. You can here the crowd chant "Eli, Eli!". Yeah, it's over.


Mrs. Wong said...

Sigh...we just might see Junior another year in the NFL -- and James' predicting is that Rodney Harrison and Junior will return to the Chargers. Ha! You know the Chargers were "this" close to getting into the Super Bowl; the Pats went one step further, but both did not succeed. I just say "bring on baseball!"

photogirl said...

you should have your own podcast show... these make me laugh out loud. seriously!