Thursday, February 07, 2008

"Surivor" :Fan vs. Favorites

Cirie, please win for all of us coach potatoes everywhere.
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At first, I thought this Fans vs. Favorites idea was crappy. But color me impressed because the favorites gave us a great show. Seriously because 15 minutes in alliances were ALREADY being formed. One was, Amie, Eliza, Jonathan and Yau, the other was Ozzie, Parvati, James and Amanda. Both alliances wanted Jonny Fairplay but no one seemed to want Cirie, which is interesting since she played a good game last time. I'm rooting fr her.

Here's some mistakes I'm noticing already:
Folks are not thinking with the right heads (James, Ozzy, I'm looking at BOTH of you)

The fans are overestimating themselves right now. You don't have experience. These people do. Learn from them.

I can't wait to see how where this goes.

Episode grade: A+

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