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Live blogging: "Lost"

Oh Sayid, you're looking mighty sexy in your future flashback.
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I'm actually starting this late because I had to eat some dinner.

That being said we're starting at 9:15.

Jack and Kate talk and share a moment. Jack sends Kate to go with Sayid and the "Ghost Whisperer" go to get Charlotte. The pilot asks about Sayid's past and Jack tells him that he was a torturer.

And we're at commerical: Here's what happened the OTHER 14 minutes. We start out with Sayid on a really goregous golf course and he makes a friendly wager with another golfer. Sayid loses and insists on paying the other golfer: with a bullet.

Um, I'd think if I'd have known the outcome, I would have let him win for SURE.

Then we flash backward to the island and Sayid closes Naomi's dead eyes (sooo cliche here) and sees a bracelet she has. It has an inscription on it and then he asks the pilot could he go to the boat. Sayid promises to bring Charlotte back safe and sound but only if he'll take him to the boat. The pilot answers with"he'll get them OFF the island." which we now know that Sayid DOES get off but how????

Flash forward, Sayid picks up a blond in a coffee bar they make chit chat and a date.

Sayid plans on going for Charlotte and tells Jack that he'll need to stay behind. Kate asks Jack how does it feel to be left behind and he says should he do like her and "wait 20 minutes and then go anyway" (I love Jack!)

It's 9:21 and Sayid, Kate and "The Ghost Whisperer" go after Charlotte. After some playful and witty banter, we go back to the fast-foward. Sayid and the blond have apparently gotten closer. Sayid grabs the blond's beeper (yes BEEPER) and they head out.

It's 9:23 and there's some lovey dovy action going on. I look away and then we're back at the helicopter where Dr. Whocares is busy setting up some sort of device. Jack and the pilot look on and Jack wants to know his story. Dr Whocares activates the phone and asks Regina to fire out some sort of payload.

But the beacon never arrives. Sayid and his crew arrive at the barracks and head into the area. The Ghost Whisper wonders about the swingset and Kate and Sayid doesn't give him an answer.

They find Hurley in the closet! (NO, let's not go there). But it's beginning to make sense: Jack, Sayid, Hurley and Sayid all make it off the island. I'm guessing that they make it out on the helicopter but for some reason, they can't get back. Now the question is: Who are the other two? And is the person in the coffin one of the Oceanic Six or was there SEVEN and he died?

It's 9:31 and now Hurley is spilling his guts to Sayid's crew. Jack and the pilot talks and Jack tells the pilot it's been 100 days since he saw the game. The payload finally arrives but it's a good few minutes late. What's going on?

Juliet shows up and she has Desmond. (I forgot all about Desmond!)

Kate and crew search the barracks and find: empty closets?

Sayid pulls a dresser out and finds a fake wall. Of course he goes in and sees Ben's secret staff of passports and British pounds. It looks as if Ben has left the island a bunch. And then we find that Hurley CONNED them and is with the crew after all. He gives a sheepish "Sorry dude" and we're off to commericial: AGAIN!

It's 9:38 and it seems like the commericial break just goes on and on...

GAWD: ABC is trying to force some crappy old reality show down my throat. Luckily this big old piece of chocolate cake I'm eating is blocking the b.s. or I'd be in trouble.

It's 9:41 and Sayid and Ben are now locked in the same cell. Kate is in a room with Sawyer and a hospital bed. Kate says she believes Jack can get them off the island. Sawyer says he has nothing waiting for him there. He asks her why she wants to get off the island so bad. He says they should stay and play house. (AWWW) . But she isn't having it.

Lock brings Sayid and Ben some ice tea but I think he must not know about Sayid. Ben watches Sayid and play who has the biggest balls.

Flash forward and Sayid and the blond are lying in bed after some L-O-V-I-N'. The blond now realizes that she doesn't know anything about him. She then says she's in love with Sayid and he looks conflicted.

Sayid tells the blond no more secrets and then the beeper that the blond has been carrying around goes off. (Of course it would). Sayid tells her that she needs to leave Berlin and Sayid reveals that he was using her to get to her employer. Of course she's ticked.

Sayid says her employer is on a list and the blond shoots Sayid. It turns out SHE was using him! OMG! And then he kills her!! Wow!

He even strokes her hair and closes her eyes like he did Naomi and then sees she had a bracelet like HERS!
Yep, it's official. I'm this show's bitch. And we're off to commericial: AAARGGGGHHHHH!!!

EWWW: Viagra commericial !!!!!!!

And ooooh: A commericial for Oprah's new reality show!! "Oprah's Big Give"

Desmond questions them about Penelope and SAyid arrives with Charlotte but no Miles and Kate. Jack looks shocked that Kate isn't there and Sayid said he traded Charlotte for Miles.

Charlotte says she's saying and Daniel says he's going to stay. Dr Whoecares tells the pilot to stay on the same bearing they came in on. Jack stays and it looks as if Naomi is the one who'll be on the helicopter. So it looks as if Sayid, Desmond, the pilot and Naomi's body all attempt to leave the island. And YAY they take off and Sayid looks so happy he could just cry.

And it looks as if they have officially left the island!

Suddnely we're in a clinic where there are tons of animals. Sayid is still wounded and it looks as if a mysterious man will be taking out the bullet. Sayid is talking to BEN!!! OMG and Ben is Sayid's employer and it looks as if he's working for Ben to protect his friends.

Sayid tells Ben they know he's after them now and Ben says GOOD.


Next week: Another one of the six is revealed!

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