Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is this the strongest cycle of "ANTM"?

Kim. What were you thinking? Photo by CWTV.

You know, last week I was unfairly hard on these girls. After watching them this episode, I have some clear favorites and some girls need to get off my TV.

But first, let's start with Kim. I knew she was in trouble early in the episode but she pulled an Ebony from Cycle 9 and quit. They totally need to pick better next season

Two seasons back to back of folks quitting? That needs to stop.

And then tonight's photo shoot: Homeless chic. It's so laughable but some of the girls did a really good job. The new judge Paulina what's-her-name is no Janice Dickerson

I have to say I was floored by the first girl out: Atayla

Jump The Snark if you're reading this, there's no way you can NOT love the drama. =-)

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