Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No deal Howie: What's going on with "Deal or No Deal"

NBC is going to the well a few times too many for me with "Deal or No Deal." Photo by NBC. com

OK, I'm going to out myself: I like "Deal or No Deal." There, I've said it. Now, let me add this, I like it in controlled doses. For some reason, NBC is playing the HELL out of "DOND" this week with all these stunts like "Winner Take All" and a "Wheel of Fortune" like gimmick. That being said, they need to stop it. Stick to the folks picking the cases and let that be that.

They also need to stop picking these over the top folks like they have the past few episodes. I felt so bad for the girl who was a part of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority who wound up with $1,000 when she was poised to win more than $100,000 or the black woman who SCREAMED! EVERYTHING!! AT!!! HOWIE!!!!!!!! I mean good freaking LORD, who picked her?

I know they want people who will give them good television but a twirling, dancing minstral show is a bit much for me.

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