Thursday, December 27, 2007

I absolutely HATE NBC

Miss Patti, NBC robbed you last week in "Clash of the Choirs." Photo taken from Google images.

There is absolutly nothing on.

Before I wail away on this, let me go back to last week. I was desperately looking for something, anything to watch. I got sucked into "Clash of the Choirs" and I was actually entertained! If you missed it, five celebrities went to their hometowns and recruited people to be members of their choir. It came down to NIck Lachey and Patti LaBelle's choir and of course Nick's won. It sucked because Patti's was better and I think too many people thought Patti and her group had it in the bag and stopped voting.

And this is why NBC has broken my heart yet AGAIN. I don't know why I keep going back to NBC. We still don't know the fate of "journeyman," all signs point to it being cancelled but still no "official" word.

Luckily, CBS is stepping up their game with "The Amazing Race." My partner and his nephew tried out and they made this hilarious video and I hope they make the cut. If they do, I'll let the readers know.

Sunday, the goths had a nasty meltdown and they just couldn't get it together. However, they were spared from elimination because this was a non-elimination leg. Yay. The bad news, they have to do something called a "speedbump" where they have to do a task by themselves and then jump back into the race.

We'll see what happens on Sunday.

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