Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris is Free! No, wait.....

Am I a sick person taking glee that Paris is back in jail? What disturbs me more is that the apparently there is NO OTHER NEWS today because ALL of the TV broadcast is devoting much time to this story.

If you missed it, Isaiah Washington got booted from "Grey's" because of the controversy.

Some friends of mine say that this is a travesty because he has made amends. While I appreciate the fact he's a good actor and adds much to the show, his remaining there creates a "hostile work environment" for T.R. Knight. Would you want to work with someone who's shown an open disdain for you? Probably not.

My friends argue that he's one of the few African-American faces on a major network show. That may be true but now it's up to Shonda Rimes who's African-American to step up and find another actor who can be equally as great if not better. Hopefully, someone who's NOT a homophobe.

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Jumpthesnark said...

Paris who?