Sunday, May 13, 2007

Are you ready for the "Survivor" finale?

I was on the road last week and I stopped at a cousin's house to see the last 10 minutes of "The Amazing Race." I couldn't believe who won!! Tonight, my other "Can't Miss" reality show is on. We're down to the final five and with a two-hour finale, I'm betting two folks will be booted within the first hour.

I've read some spoilers and if they are true, it's going to be a doozy. I would LOVE if Earl or Yau-Man won because they've played the game the best out of everyone. If Earl wins, he'll be the first African-American male to win "Survivor." If Yau-Man wins, he'll be the second Asian following Yul from last season.


"24" was yet another dud this week. I absolutely don't care how this season ends because after a bang-up start, they just couldn't seem to get it together. R.I.P. Milo. Please tell Tony, Michelle and David Palmer that we miss them. Give a hug to Curtis for me too.


This week, the trainers all grieved for the loss of Doug who died unexpectedly in January. I thought he was the classiest person on the show but I was taken aback that they devoted less than FIVE minutes to his death on the show and more about the fat people who participated in Jackie's weight-loss camp. I know it's Jackie's show but really?! Couldn't Doug's death have taken up a whole episode? Next week is the reunion show and based on the previews, it's going to be ugly with Rebecca, Jackie and Jesse oh and let's not forget MIMI returns!

Veronica Mars

OY! The wait for renewal is KILLING me. Everyday new news happens. Some say it will be renewed, others say it won't. I wish that it would and I'm not to thrilled about this FBI concept. But I still want to see Kristen Bell on my TV every week so I'll take what I can get. I LOVED Paul Rudd this week. He was AWESOME beyond words. I hope they'll bring him back next season. (Yeah, I said it).

Law & Order SVU
Lordy. Did y'all see they were thisclose to showing Chris Meloni's backside? I kept yelling for the cameraman to drop the camera but alas no. Of course, I could rent copies of the greatest drama ever and watch it at will. The stories keep getting better and better and it was so cool to see Sean from "Nip/Tuck" do a turn as a bad guy. He's so goody-goody on that show that it makes me sick sometimes.


American Idol
America got it wrong. That's all. LaKisha goes home BEFORE Blake the human beat-box???!!

"Lost" has lost me. I'm so glad they announced an end to this show because I'm ready for it to be done. My guess, it'll be the dream of some passenger on the plane. If it's an austistic child, I'm through.

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