Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The return of American Idol and other random thoughts

Before I begin, thanks for reading. It's been too long. My computer melted down and then I forgot my password but I'm back with a vengence. Let's see what the remote holds these days.

I'm sitting here watching "American Idol" and unfortunately, it's cringeworthy yet again. I don't get this show. I know we need to see some of the freaks audition but Jesus H. Christ! I swear they find the absolute worst people ever to audition for this show. What I'd like to see is a better mix. Show us a freak or two but show us the people we're going to be watching for the next 18 weeks.

If one of these folks will truly be the next "American Idol" then show me them when the were nobody and let me follow them. Ryan Seacreast annoys the snot out of me. I can't wait until we get to the finals. It's amazing how many folks out here can't sing. One thing's for sure, I can't wait to see how this turns out.

Veronica Mars
Yay! My show is back. Boo, they are going to make some changes. I hate to say this but I'm getting this sinking feeling that this will be the last season of our favorite female detective. I liked last night's episode but the MOTW was about a monkey???! Hello! Dean O'Dell is dead, let's get to that and leave the monkey alone. I was also dismayed that we didn't see hide nor hair of Wallace. I miss WaVe.

I Love New York.
Yep. I'm watching this. I didn't watch Flavor of Love but lord this thing is a hot mess and I'm loving EVERY second of this! New York is soooo ghetto and all of her men are crazy. I have to say I love her mom who's just as crazy and ghetto as New York too. Plus you gotta love men named Bones, Pootie and my fave: Whiteboy.

When I was a little boy I used to pray for superpowers. Invisibility. Invulnerablity. ANYTHING. Alas, no radioactive bugs bit me. My parents were my parents and I got nothing. Luckily, through "Heroes" particularily Hiro, I get to live out my fantasies. I love the fact that he's the only person who's HAPPY about having powers. I used to hate Claire but she's also my favorite. Monday's episode showed me that this is one tough cookie and I think in the end, she's going to be the one that takes down her "dad."

Ugly Betty
I LOVE this show. It gets better and better. I have to give myself kudos for calling the Alex/Alexis twist. I figured it out when they discovered that Faye really did die. But what the heck happened to her body. I suspect that in the beginning, it WAS Faye but they switched the story midstream. I'm glad though that America Ferrara got a Golden Globe. It shows that ordinary people put in extraordinary situations can do well. Yay America!

The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency
I love Janice! She is crazy and I love every single second of it. Later on tonight JP from "Survivor" is asked to be on the cover of Instinct. Based on sighting on other Web site, he does!

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Jumpthesnark said...

Yay! Glad to see you're posting again. And though there are some of your shows I am not going to watch EVER - such as Idol - I'm going to give the JDMAgency a shot based on your recommendation.

As for Veronica Mars, I'm glad she's back too. And yes, I fear for this show in the long run -- it's like it never hit a stride with a big audience and TV networks don't like that. So we get year after year of "Everybody Loves Raymond," a sitcom based on cliched characters and situations and punchlines and gems like VMars struggle. Sigh.